DOT Cylinder Repair &

Return your Out-of-Date DOT Cylinders to Optimum Service

Often smaller than permanently installed ASME tanks, DOT propane cylinders meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements for portability of propane within a cylinder. Because certain risk comes with relocating or moving a propane-filled tank, maintenance is key and requires recertification of these cylinders 12 years after original manufacture and every five years for the life of the DOT cylinder.

Cylinder maintenance does not have to be a chore. At LP Cylinder Service, we alleviate your concerns with staying DOT compliant by providing round-trip transportation and industry leading quality and service for your propane equipment assets. Your portable propane cylinders undergo an eight-point process for complete repair and recertification.

LP Cylinder’s Proprietary Quality Process for Refurbishing & Recertifying DOT Cylinders

To ensure our refurbished tanks meet the highest quality standards, LP Cylinder has developed a proprietary process. Each DOT cylinder goes through the following steps before it gets recertified. Our process includes:

  • 1. Inspection
  • 2. DOT Pin Hole Repair, Attachments replaced if necessary (Footring, Collar)
  • 3. Computerized Hydro-Testing
  • 4. Automated Steel Shot-Blasting
  • 5. Automated Superior Coating Process
  • 6. New Rego Valves Hydraulically Installed
  • 7. Methanol Added
  • 8. Vacuum Purging
  • 9. Protective Netting for Shipping
  • 10. New Polypropylene Lid
  • 11. Delivery in Air Ride Trailers with Lift Gates

Steel & Aluminum Motor Fuel Cylinders

LP Cylinder deploys additional services for steel and aluminum motor fuel cylinders, including Dip Tube Repair, Footring Repair and Thread Repair.

Ask your LP Cylinder Service Representative for more information.

* LP Cylinder is in the market to purchase all size cylinders.