LP Cylinder Services, Propane Tank Refurbishing and Tank Recertification
Propane Cylinder Recertification & Tank Refurbishing
Quality. Safety. Innovation.
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LP Cylinder

Leading the Way in Repair & Recertification

As the repair and recertification industry leader for more than four decades, LP Cylinder Service continues to forge quality, safety and innovation in propane tank and cylinder refurbishing. Thorough inspection by our certified and trained staff is an integral part of our proprietary process. In fact, since 1980, LP Cylinder has invested in only the best tools, technologies and people.
  • Certified, trained staff adhere to the latest safety standards and codes.
  • The most advanced technology and equipment ensures effective and efficient process automation.
  • Guaranteed 100% USA made parts and components.
  • An innovative quality control system ensures safety for you and your customers
  • Essential container data tracking assists asset management and integrates with your data system.
  • Exceptional, personalized transportation service.

Quality Control

Part installation date and monitoring ensure product quality standards are always maintained over the recertification cycle.
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Safety Measures

Automated safety data capture during refurbishment facilitates greater compliance and risk mitigation.
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Ensuring Safety for You & Your Customers

Customers First

We are continually improving the quality of our products, service and management systems so our customers’ needs are fulfilled

Life at LP Cylinder

Since our inception more than 40 years ago, LP Cylinder has been quality driven, and family owned and operated. Pride in what we do as a team has set the standard in superior refurbishing and recertification for the propane industry.
LP Cylinder offers competitive benefits and programs to help our teams and their families meet their healthcare and retirement planning needs.

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