ASME Tanks

Choose to Refurbish your ASME Propane Tanks and Gain a Greater ROI

Ranging in size from 120 gallons to 2000 gallons, ASME propane tanks are designed for permanent installation and operation. A thicker steel design provides for decreased exposure to the hazards associated with mobile DOT cylinders, and do not require the same recertifications. Ongoing maintenance and necessary ASME tank refurbishment help to prolong the life of your investment while also maintaining a quality image for your commercial operation.

ASME propane tanks refurbished by LP Cylinder Service return to your facility in better-than-new condition, complete with top-quality components. Your propane storage equipment will be completely ready for service, already vacuum purged and lid attached.

LP Cylinder’s Proprietary Quality Process for Refurbishing ASME Tanks

When it comes to ASME tank refurbishing, you want it done right. Our ten step process meticulously goes over the entire tank to make sure that it is brought back to "as new" condition. Our process includes:

  1. Devalve
  2. Vacuum Residual from Tank
  3. Internal Visual Inspection
  4. Shot-Blasting
  5. External Inspection
  6. Powder Coating
  7. New Valves Installed
  8. Air Testing
  9. Shipped Vacuum Purged
  10. Delivery on Company Air Ride, Flatbed Trailers


Quality Process Plus Premium Components

We back up our quality refurbishing process by providing premium components to bring your ASME tank to the level of quality you deserve. Our premium components include:

  • Super Durable, Polyester Powder Coating
  • Methanol Additive
  • New, Hydraulically Installed Valves
  • Polypropylene Domes (available in a variety of colors)
  • Company Logo Decals (applied upon request)

* LP Cylinder is in the market to purchase all size tanks aboveground and underground 120-1000 gallon.