Culture & Responsibility

Our Mission and Purpose… What We Do and Why We Do It

At LP Cylinder Service, our mission is to generate exceptional returns for our shareholders so that we can continue to fulfill our purpose. Which is to improve all the lives we touch including employees, customers and communities.

  • Employees: We are dedicated to improving the lives of employees and their own family legacies.
  • Customers: We are here for our customers who trust in us and our business and make it all possible.
  • Communities: We give back to communities in which we live and do business so that our neighbors are better off.
  • Our Culture and Responsibility: It is The Way We Work.

We fulfill our purpose and protect our culture through our core beliefs, values, and leadership behaviors. This is the way we work.

Core Beliefs 

We believe...

  • our employees make the difference.
  • in fairness in all we do.
  • in doing what we say we will do. 
  • in thinking like owners.


  • Safety first. Safety always.
  • Integrity-led
  • Quality-obsessed
  • Customer-driven
  • Highly motivated
  • Profitability-focused

The Way We Lead

  • Servant Leaders
  • Devoted
  • Resilient
  • Growth Mindset
  • Team Player
  • Trustworthy
  • Fun-loving