History of LP Cylinder

LP Cylinder Service, Inc.

LP Cylinder Service, Inc. has served the propane industry with industry leading refurbishing and recertifying of tanks for over 35 years. The company was founded by Maurice and Jackie Ryman who today continue to lead the company. In 2019 LP Cylinder was purchased by LT Corporation, the family-owned parent of Quality Steel. Further synergies continue in operations of both companies with the combination of Tims and Ryman families as the leaders in innovation and commitment to the industry. We partner with marketers to assist in managing important steel assets. Relationship building sets us apart.

What Sets LP Cylinder Apart

  • We have four manufacturing facilities and ample tank storage on our new 53-acre campus completed in 2015 to increase capacity for both DOT and ASME services.
  • Our facilities are based in the USA. We take pride in using 100% American-made parts and components.
  • Proprietary paint process designed to enhance the durability of tank coatings. We believe that coatings should outlast the recertification cycle.
  • Ability to work in customizing the appearance of tanks and lids that will differentiate your company from competitors. Patented multi-size vertical lids and universal ASME domes are available in many colors.
  • Innovative quality control to ensure the safety.
  • Ability to assist you in the management of assets with essential data tracking to integrate with your data systems.
  • Exceptional, personalized transportation service with our own drivers.

LP Cylinder Goals

Making old things new again is our passion. Our goal is refurbishing better than new in appearance. Refurbishing and recertifying your tanks/cylinders is a cost effective solution for maintaining capital assets and company image. Let us help you preserve the distinctive look of your tanks in the field. While the company has grown through acquisition, it still practices the family values and commitment to employees and customers instilled more than 70 years ago.

Refurbished in the U.S.A.

We will always take pride in refurbishing and using American-made parts and components.