Quality & Safety

Better Risk Mitigation and Management of Your Cylinder and Tank Assets

Partnering with LP Cylinder Service for refurbishing your propane cylinder and tank assets gives you access to a unique, custom-built internal data management system. At each stage of the refurbishing process, we capture essential safety information on your propane cylinders and tanks, along with the installed component. As part of our quality control practice, accountability is logged as each part installation is made, ensuring that every refurbished cylinder or tank meets the highest industry standards.

LP Cylinder's Innovative Data Management System Highlights

  • We use the existing serial number applied to each propane cylinder or tank to provide automated tracking from start to finish – and eliminate the need for a barcode or scanner.
  • Each recertification and refurbishing date is recorded and tracked in the system, providing for customer notification of when the next recertification is due and better asset inventory management overall.
  • Each component date code is monitored for recall, allowing for instant customer notification that a propane tank part needs replaced.