Unmatched Service

We understand that to many companies a propane tank is a propane tank. We strive for excellence in our quality programs each and every day. However, the true Quality Steel difference is our service. When issues arise, our promise to our customers is to work with you to correct the issue with urgency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Quality Steel’s most significant investment is its people. Our Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Manufacturing Teams have the best training available. Our teams of industry-leading professionals is what makes Quality Steel truly different from other propane tank manufacturers.

Fully Integrated Teams

Our commitment to continuous improvement and our ability to serve our customers stems from a fully integrated approach. Our teams do not have barriers by design, which allows for efficient communication and a seamless transition of information.

We consider our customers as important members of our corporate family. When our customer support teams receive feedback, that information is collected and redirected back to our manufacturing and quality control teams of experts. This allows us to continuously improve and continue to provide the superior products that our customers expect.