Vaporization Chart &
Helpful Information

Vaporization Chart

For the convenience of our customers, Quality Steel offers a vaporization chart containing helpful information including:

  • Orifice Capacities
  • Conversion Units
  • Converting Volumes of Gas
  • Temperature Conversion
  • And more

  • Dealer FAQs

    Q: Who do I call if I have any type of problem or complaint?
    A: If you experience anything that does not represent the highest level of quality and customer support, please call Customer Service at 800-345-2495 or e-mail us with the problem. We want your buying experience to be everything you deserve and expect it to be. If you experience anything that doesn’t represent the highest level of quality and customer support, please call your Regional Sales Manager or local Sales Rep.
    Q: What do I do if I have a leaking tank? (Dealers Only – Consumers see Consumers FAQ)
    A: If the tank was manufactured by Quality Steel, ensure that conditions are safe enough to remove (according to specified regulations in your area) all gas from the tank, mark on the tank the location of the leak, substitute a safe tank and contact Customer Service at 800-345-2495. Be prepared to provide information such as tank size and serial number. If the tank was not produced by Quality Steel, contact its manufacturer immediately.
    Q: What should be done if the float gauge is stuck?
    A: The float gauge arm uses a ring and worm gear as a hinge for it’s up and down movement. This hinge might stick if the tank receives rough treatment during unloading, yard moves, setting or if the tank is transported with liquid inside. Often times, you can correct a float gauge problem by tapping lightly on the side of the tank. This usually solves this simple problem. If this does not work, contact Customer Service at 800-345-2495.
    Q: How will Quality Steel unload the tanks upon delivery?
    A: Every QSC Transport vehicle is equipped with an automated boom that makes unloading and placing the tanks on your yard a snap. We do ask for the dealer to supply 1-2 people to aid the driver in unloading. This will reduce the unloading time drastically and help you set your tanks where you need them.
    Q: Can the driver rearrange my storage yard?
    A: Quality Steel Transportation operates on a tight schedule. Therefore, time will only allow our driver to clear enough space on your yard to make room for your new order. Unfortunately, extra time cannot be spent rearranging other tanks on your yard.
    Q: Do I have to supply a helper when unloading the tanks?
    A: Although not mandatory, an assistant will cut our unloading time by 50%. In order to maintain our guaranteed delivery policy, it is important that this procedure take as little time as possible.
    Q: What is the proper procedure for purging my propane tanks?
    A: All propane tanks that are not prepurged and still contain an adequate vacuum should be purged five times before installing them for use. Consult our Purging LP Tanks PDF for step-by-step instructions.