Health, Safety, & Environment

Health and Safety

At Quality Steel, the health and safety of all our stakeholders starting with employees is core to who we are and what we do. We do not just say it – we live it each day, both internally and externally, on the job and off the job. All safety standards are strictly observed in all operations of our business and we promote off the job safety as a way of encouraging safety always. As part of LT Corporation we strive to incorporate health and safety into our daily lives by integrating our purpose, core beliefs and values in all we do.

  • Our Purpose is to improve the lives we touch to help others grow, thrive and succeed – employees, customers, communities
  • We do this through our Core Beliefs and Values with a focus on Safety Always!

Our Core Beliefs

We believe...
…our employees make the difference fairness in all we do doing what we say we will do thinking like owners

Our Values

  • Safety first
  • Integrity led
  • Quality obsessed
  • Customer-driven
  • Highly motivated
  • Profitability focused
Our leaders set expectations, model behaviors and hold themselves and our employees accountable for following all prescribed safe work practices and procedures. We do this to ensure that Quality Steel product is crafted expertly and safely for each of our customers.

Environment and Sustainability

Quality Steel has maintained a commitment to minimizing the impact of both our production process and products on the environment for decades. We accomplish our commitments through continuous improvement and maintaining compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements each and every day we are in operation. These expectations are consistent across our LT Corporation family of companies.