Underground Tanks

Pre-Purged, Ready-to-Burry, Made in the U.S.A. Underground Tanks

For customers whose facilities require a low-profile tank or are better suited for underground applications, Quality Steel offers underground tanks with a formulated coating designed to work with cathodic to protect the tank while underground. Our underground tanks come pre-purged for an easy initial fill and are ready to bury with the addition of anode(s) on arrival.
Quality Steel’s integrated teams are here to facilitate a seamless buying experience. From placing the order to tank delivery, we offer world class support every step of the way. Along with customer service, Quality Steel prides itself on having the highest quality American-made propane tanks in the industry. Our tanks are expertly crafted and rigorously inspected, ensuring a safe, ready to use product for our customers.
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Underground Tank Specifications

Download Underground
tank spec sheet.


120 – 1,990 WG Capacity

General Specifications

  • Conforms to the latest edition of ASME Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Complies with NFPA 58
  • Vessels shipped with durable ready-to-bury coating. Vessels, depending on manufacturing location, are either powder coated with phenolic epoxy or primed with liquid epoxy and coated with liquid epoxy top coat – both providing a durable ready-to-bury coating
  • All vessels are shipped vacuum pre-purged to enable simplified first fill of the vessel
  • Green composite dome provides large working space and is resistant to the elements. Anode stud attached to riser pipe to enable ease of cathodic connection

Download our Underground
tank spec sheet.

* Dual lifting lugs for 500 and 1000 wg. standard tanks.
** Leg widths and spacing may vary based on mfg. location. Check with your salesperson for details. 120, 250, 320 wg. standard tanks - no holes in legs (one center hole on request). 500 and 1000 wg. standard tanks - 2 holes 16” on center. 1450 wg. and up as shown above.
*** Full load and stack quantities vary by shipping location. Check with your salesperson for details.