Superior Attention to Detail
Passion for Quality

We have a passion for making sure every tank or cylinder we refurbish returns to our customers better than new. Our quality control procedures and safety data management software help us ensure the safety and consistency of our services. That’s why all of our refurbished tanks and cylinders come backed with Our Quality Policy:

  • We are continually improving the quality of our products, service and management systems so our customers’ needs are fulfilled
  • We are always listening – to our customers, suppliers and co-workers to deliver
    the best possible products and services
You have our Guarantee – we stand proudly behind our work.

Our Refurbished Cylinders and Tanks
Provide You with a Competitive Edge

Differentiation is key for creating brand identity, and adding color increases brand recognition by 80%. Customize your refurbished tanks or cylinders by choosing from a variety of paint colors and lids.

  • Our proprietary paint system ensures a high quality, lasting finish to keep cylinders and tanks looking their best
  • Our patented, multi-sized lids and universal domes protect your assets and help your cylinders and tanks stand out from the crowd

Investing in Coating Technology
Our Superior Finish Lasts Even Longer

We believe that coatings should outlast the recertification cycle. That’s why our fully automated, proprietary paint system was developed to ensure a high-quality lasting finish.

  • Our customers have incredibly low reject rates due to less pitting, rust and corrosion
  • Investing in metal preservation and protective coatings helps preserve these valuable assets and your bottom line

Revitalize Your Assets, Revive Your Profits

Refurbishing and recertifying your tanks and cylinders is a cost-effective solution for maintaining your assets and your image. We can help give your assets a distinctive presence. They arrive at your facility looking better than new and ready to be deployed for service.

  • Services provided for all sizes, DOT ASME—from 20# to 1000 gallon
  • Coatings applied with industry leading equipment ensure a finish that will outlast the recertification cycle
  • Choose paint and lid colors to showcase your company pride and stand out from the competition
  • Purchase from our stock of refurbished cylinders and tanks

Outstanding Service Makes the Difference

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated; with importance and respect.

  • Prompt response to all requests: friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Exceptional transportation service and care
  • Refurbished cylinders are delivered surrounded by protective nets